Pinion Pine

AttributesAromatic: sweet amber-like, balsamic, coniferous, woody, somewhat resinous, with pine-like and fruity secondary notes; has a soft resinous drydown. A top note in natural / botanical [ read more...]

Future Amber

Pinion Pine Essential Oil infused with aged and weathered Pinion Resin Aromatic: intense, deep, wood notes, somewhat sweet, resinous; diffusive, warm, cypress-like mid tones – becomes [ read more...]

Ponderosa Pine

Attributes Aromatic: fresh, soft, pine-woody, coniferous aroma with bitter almond-like, light spicy and sweet citrus secondary notes; has a soft pine and resinous drydown.  A top [ read more...]

Ponderosa Pine Cone

Attributes Essential oil: PINEal gland support, focus, colds and coughs. Energetic: Calming, focus, meditation, dream facilitator. Aromatic: Resinous, dark, pitchy, low note. Traditional: Seeds eaten as [ read more...]


Pinion Pine needle and twig distilled with chunks of Pinion Pine wood loaded with RESIN: Attributes Essential oil: Diffuse for respiratory support, meditation, and calmness. Energetic: [ read more...]

Common Ornamental Juniper

Common Juniper

Attributes Common Ornamental Juniper / Juniperus chinensis ‘Pfitzeraiana’ is a synonym of Juniperus × pfitzeriana* according to World Flora Online (Needles and twigs) Aromatic: strong peppery and lemony, sweet balsamic, woody, camphoraceous, [ read more...]

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Attributes Aromatic: Sweet Earth! Fruity, light, mid-note Energetic: Uplifting, centering, warming, calming, feathery, protective. Traditional: Needle tea used for antiseptic wash. Steam inhalation for colds/coughs. Tea [ read more...]

Utah Juniper

Attributes Essential oil: Can be a helper for coughs and colds, circulation, bites/stings/bumps/bruises Energetic: Protective, calming, soothing Aromatic: Pungent, camphorous, dark, woody, low note Traditional: Needle [ read more...]