This versatile product has many uses, from hygienic to therapeutic, for personal use and around the home or office.  Hydrosol is the re-condensed steam water produced by steam-distilling plant material. 

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Note: for the month of January the only hydrosol we have available is the Fir Elevated.  Thank you for your patience!  

2 oz Spray Bottle  $14 

Note: Hydrosol’s aromatic is distinct from the scent of the essential oil of the same plant.    

See below for description of scents. While some hydrosols have strengths in certain applications, most cross over into multiple uses, and personal preference is a good guideline.

General info: Hydrosol is the recondensed steam water produced by steam-distilling plant material.  This versatile product has many uses, from hygienic to therapeutic, for personal use and around the home or office.  Being a pure and all-natural product with no petrochemical additives, hydrosol can bring welcome relief from allergies and sensitivities to artificial fragrances.  Conifer hydrosols can have an uplifting and calming effect, bringing the scent of the forest to you wherever you are.  Spritz it around the home as an air freshener, or try spraying some above your bed before sleep for an enhanced dream experience.  Our PINEal hydrosol is especially good for this, using the essence of Pine cones to stimulate the pineal gland.   

The antimicrobial, antiseptic properties of Conifers have historically brought them into living spaces to promote health and cleanliness.  Use Conifer hydrosol undiluted in a spray bottle for a wonderful all-purpose household cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom.  Dilute 1 part to 3 with water for mopping or lighter duty cleaning.  Try adding it to liquid soaps such as dish or laundry detergent to make the soap last longer and to help remove grease, stains, and odors.  Add a splash to the pre-wash soak to freshen laundry; spray directly on stains.  Spray on glass and mirrors and wipe as you would with glass cleaner.  It also comes in handy as a gentle hand sanitizer or yoga mat freshener. 
Try spraying any hydrosol on a seized lock or tool such as an adjustable wrench.  In most cases it will dissolve the oxidation for smooth turning.  Let your imagination be your guide for other household uses.  
Hydrosol may be used as a refreshing body spray.  Carry a small spritz bottle of Comfrey or Yarrow in your hand bag for an afternoon pick-me-up.  


Hydrosols are often ingredients in soaps, salves, healing balms, and cosmetics.  If you make your own herbal products, hydrosols can be a great way to introduce the properties of a particular plant to your product.  Like essential oils, hydrosols can have therapeutic benefits, and while not as potent as essential oils, they are much stronger than herbal teas and should not be taken internally except under the guidance of a board-certified aromatherapist or herbalist.  

Following are brief descriptions of some Hydrosols we recommend for specific applications. 

Air Fresheners:

Aspen smells fresh, reminiscent of a brisk walk in the autumn mountain air.

Mountain Myst: high-elevation Douglas-fir or White Fir offers a fresh, uplifting, and calming scent.

Willow: The smell of Willow is distinct, like a walk beside a burbling creek in spring, imparting resilience and supporting new growth. 

Yarrow + Lavender: Try this unique co-distillation for air freshener, body spray, yoga mat… 

Lemongrass: ours is subtle and soft, brightens any room or try it in the car.  

Face, Hair & Body Mysts:

With a subtle “green” scent, Comfrey Self Care is a powerful ally in skin and hair maintenance, renewal, and healing: soothing, refreshing, and moisturizing for all skin and hair types.

Yarrow Self Care has many healing properties,  is toning, balancing, soothing, and relaxing: supports healthy growth and healing for normal to oily hair and skin.

Smudge Myst:

Sage is Artemesia tridentata in a traditional role, but without the smudge wand’s smoke.  Use to purify and cleanse self, home, office, car, sacred space; for ceremony, anytime smoke is not desirable. 

Feather Sage is another of the Artemesia family with a softer scent and energetic. 

Utah Juniper is also a protector plant, also great for clearing and holding sacred space.  Use to purify and cleanse self, home, office, car, sacred space; for ceremony, anytime smoke is not desirable. 

Yoga Mat Freshener:

Elevated: Conifers have been treasured historically for their antiseptic properties. High-elevation Spruce and/or Fir has an uplifting aroma.

Gentle Giant: Conifers have been treasured historically for their antiseptic properties. Ponderosa is tall, sturdy, and quiet, a peaceful protector and supporter, very gentle. 

Respiratory Support:

Grindelia is a friend to the respiratory system. Good for cold and flu season, and possibly a help for allergy relief.  

Dreamtime Enhancer:

PINEal Dreams comes from a co-distillation of Pinion and Ponderosa Cones for a woodsy scent and gentle support for the pineal gland, brain, nerve, lymphatic, and endocrine systems.   The Pineal Gland, named for the Pine Cone, plays a mysterious role in dreamtime magic. Spritz this elixir before sleep to help awaken yours.

We have hydrosols available in almost all of our plant selection.  Please ask for availability if you have an interest that is not listed in the drop-down menu.