Habitat: 7000 + feet in various regions across Western North America

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum

This oil is on the docket to be distilled in the upcoming months. Updated July 28 2022


Aromatic: Sweet Earth! Fruity, light, mid-note

Energetic: Uplifting, centering, warming, calming, feathery, protective.

Traditional: Needle tea used for antiseptic wash. Steam inhalation for colds/coughs. Tea for urinary support. Needles burned for air purification, ceremonial purpose.

Essential oil: Diffuse for respiratory support. Use in a carrier oil for sore muscles, arthritic joints, chest rub.


External Use Only!

House of Aromatic’s Essential Oils are created by feeding steam through a “charge” of enclosed organic matter. The aromatic vapor flash cools, condensing to liquid form which contains the pure plant chemistry known as essential oil. All distillate material is hand processed to assure the most stable chemistry along with the vibrational frequencies of the plants themselves.

Our Essential Oils contain No Carrier Oils, No Alcohol, and guaranteed NO Synthetics