Longest Day Oil

The charge for this distillation will be packed the evening before Summer Solstice 2024. Fresh charge will be packed on top of the 1st distillation the [ read more...]

Great Western Sage

Aromatic: powerful, bitter-herbaceous, green, camphoraceous, mildly balsamic, highly diffusive; becomes somewhat sweeter in the drydown. A top to middle note in natural / botanical perfumery; adds [ read more...]


Grindelia essential oil is a unique to say the least.  Some seasons this common roadside "weed"  is very abundant, others not. Summer  2023 there was a [ read more...]

Organic Lavender

I am proud to offer this beautiful organic small batch artisan lavender essential oil grown and distilled on site in Western Colorado. It really is a [ read more...]

Rabbit Brush

Aromatic: strong, earthy green, sweetly pungent vegetal/herbal, very diffusive; camphor and pineapple-like side notes. Very tenacious. A middle note in natural / botanical perfumery; may find [ read more...]

Snake Weed

Attributes Aromatic: Dirt, sweet, sunny! mid-note Energetic: Calming, harmonizing, restoring, clearing. Traditional: Bundles used as brooms. Tea of leaf for rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Poultice for [ read more...]

3 Leaf Sumac

This wide ranging shrub offers a sour & astringent berry rich in vitamin C. Sometimes known as "lemonade berry", the berry can be made into a [ read more...]