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About House of Aromatics

House of Aromatics is a small artisan essential oil distillery located in the high desert mountains of Southern Utah and operated as a one man business by Eric Scott Bresselsmith. The primary products are steam-distilled essential oils of conifers and brushes that grow right here where we live: among them Pines, Firs, Junipers, Spruce, Snakeweed, Sage and Rabbit brush. Member of the Association of International Aromatherapist and of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, House of Aromatics strives to bring high quality, handcrafted, therapeutic grade essential oils into the hands of people who will benefit from the healing gifts of our regional “natural apothecary”. Life as partners with the plants, customers, associates, community, and the land; taking personal responsibility in actions toward each. While remaining small and limiting growth to essential oils that can be sustainably produced, the aim is to be regionally recognized around the Colorado Plateau, capitalizing on the sustained interest in healthcare that connects us with the earth. In answering the public’s growing desire for distinctive natural aromatics,  standards and processes are maintained that will insure production of essential oils that are as therapeutic and safe to use as they are beautiful.  

House of Aromatics goal is to have sustainable growth, annual profitability and promoting the value of small scale production of locally-sourced, wild crafted, artisan essential oils and related products.


Disclaimer! None of the statements would be or are approved by the FDA. Not meant to diagnose or treat anything! Educate yourself by studying ethno-botany, seek out herbalists, plant a garden, learn about wild plants. Do not use internally. Keep away from heat and direct light. Keep safe from young ones. Use with Wisdom & Intention.