About House of Aromatics

House of Aromatics is a home-grown company nestled in the inter-mountain region of southern Utah. Keeping things simple has been a “company” goal to allow for plenty of time for being with Creeks, spontaneous meetings with friends,  and plenty of time for napping, playing music, writing poetry and relishing Life’s precious time.  Eric Scott is the primary employee with periodic supplemental help (check out woofer.org.)

Mission Statement

House of Aromatics mission is to help people to connect with their Heart Selves, their Elemental Nature & to remember “For the Benefit of All”. Spiraling the greed out of Alchemy has become the primary message that the Trees & Plants have been giving as they go through the birthing process from standing in their natural community to be transformed into essential oil to move through the world of humans.

About Eric

Ric has been pursuing therapeutic living (prioritizing wellness & health above all else) through lifestyle for quite a spell now. Good food and the best of medicines became obvious choices early on in life not to mention taking the message of rock and roll to heartgo up the country and rebel with a cause!! Living well and contemplating Death has been a life long pursuit.

I hear like a coyote           

Look as a raven

                        Fly as an angel

                        Play music in the between

I throw the wind

            In the raving rage

                        Angled with an wing

                        Directed encircling inside sounds

I see with eyes flightened

            On white wings of black ravens

                        Darting this and that way

                                    Watching singing flying dancing


I feel with strings plucked

            Of talons stroking harps

                        And crowns worn to feasts

                                    Carried on lutes

                                    And other winged instruments

I speak with a beak

Forked by angels tongues

            And choirs cawing in harmony

                        Wearing life’s pallor

                        In death and birth       by Andre Bensonmum

Distiller Direct Pricing:

Dram 3.75mL 1/8oz $25
5mL 1/6oz $30
15mL ½oz $79
30mL 1oz $120
60mL 2oz $220
120mL 4oz $340
240mL 8oz $595
480mL 16oz $895
600mL 20oz $995

Large volume inquiries, custom formulating, distillation consultations available: info@housefaromatics.com

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Essential oils are SUPER CONCENTRATED!!! and can contain up to 50k chemical compounds, which only a very small percentage can actually be isolated out and researched…. READ MORE