Distillation Process

House of Aromatics specializes in distilling small batches of artisan essential oil from wildcrafted plants.

Our  operation is located in the inter-mountain region of Southern Utah. We work closely with the U.S. Forest Service doing fuel reduction for fire mitigation (thinning out over grown Coniferous trees).

The Mission of the Trees, Plants & Spirit of  Distillation is to collaborate & co-create essential oil. This collaboration brings essential oil carrying the symbiotic, mutually beneficent nature that Trees & Plants share in their growing community. At House of Aromatics, we believe this beneficial nature can help re-calibrate humans knowing about this way of living. 
Plus, the slow ways of country & mountain living do produce a slow distillation process, bringing forth full spectrum chemistry & aromatic profile.

All distillate material is hand processed to assure the most stable chemistry along with the vibrational frequencies of the plants themselves.

Read on to Learn about House of Aromatics Small Batch Artisanal Distillation Process

The Co-Creation of Essential Oil

Glossary of Distillation Terms

Retort: the container we pack with plant material to be distilled

Charge: the plant material that gets packed into the retort

Condenser: the tube where the steam is flash-cooled

Hydrosol: re-condensed steam water infused with aromatic compounds

Decanter: flask where Essential Oil separates from Hydrosol

Marc: the spent plant material after the distillation is finished

Steaming Marc in the Retort

The Retort Being Packed

The Equipment

  • Steam Generator
  • Ours is designed to sterilize surgical tools
  • (Propane generator used during travel)
  • Set just at boiling point, non-pressurized
  • Retort
  • 50 gallon stainless steel drum
  • Condenser
  • Glass tower allows visual tracking of steam volume
  • Decanter – also glass

The Decanter

The Condenser

Eric's Distillation Experiences

     -->Concepts and Mysteries

Eric and Hank Blu Bear Sustainably Foraging a Charge

Essential Oils are Potent

  • Intuition of the need for knowledge/guidance before use
  • One drop of essential oil = a lot of plant material!
  • Botanical compounds go directly to the bloodstream through respiratory system or skin contact, affecting the 4 dimensions: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual
  • A collaboration of Plant and Human, Fire and Water, bringing us into contact with the essential intelligence of the Plant’s Nature.

Distillation: Ancient Art to Modern Industry

  • Connection between botanical distillation and alchemy, chemistry and modern pharmaceuticals
  • Distilling, further fractioning & recombining botanicals au naturel flavors/fragrances
  • “Artificial” flavors/fragrances come from distilling, fractioning & recombining what?
  • Creation of isolated molecules and free radicals.

Our Modern Method of Collecting and Transporting Fresh Charge

Our artisan essential oils are especially potent!

  • “The medicine you need is just a few steps away.”
  • Working with forest ecosystem and agencies for health of all
  • Hand gathered; hand processed
  • Quieter, simpler, safer, more economical and fun!
  • Leaving plant material as whole as possible:
  • Lightest aromatic molecules released into the essential oil
  • Less oxidation prior to distillation
  • More stable, longer shelf life
  • Subtle intelligence of the Plant more available

Hand Processed

  • Co-distillations
  • Plants found growing together are distilled together
  • Symbiotic intention of the Plants available in the EO
  • While blending oils creates a synergy of chemical compounds; co-distillation allows for chemical bonding to occur.

Hand Processing the Charge - creating smaller pieces to fit into the Retort

Pinion, Juniper and Sage Ripe for the Picking. Found in our Trinity Co-Distill

Practical Applications/Indications for Conifer Essential Oils

  • Conifers as “the lungs of the planet”
  • Ancient colonizers of the Earth that have survived all major extinctions
  • Found most places trees grow in the world
  • Their EO’s have a wide range of therapeutic uses
  • Use of Conifer oils to facilitate connection to Nature

In Conclusion

Our “ability to respond” can be profoundly aided and enhanced by appropriate use of Wild-Crafted, Artisanal Essential Oils.