Alpine Juniper

Juniperus communis subsp. alpina



Alpine Juniper / Juniperus communis subsp. Alpina is a synonym of Juniperus communis var. saxatilis according to World Flora Online

Aromatic: fresh, mild turpentine-like, woody, camphoraceous with soft fruity / citrus zest-like secondary notes; has a sweet woody, citrus-like, drydown. A top to middle note in natural / botanical perfumery; finds use in colognes, fresh / natural perfume bases, woody and forest bases, diffusers, in room sprays (especially to clear negative vibes).

Energetic: instills courage, helps to discern and dispel fear-based mental illusions, dissipates negative energy, strengthens one’s energetic aura.

Traditional: Berries for digestion, urinary support, sweat stimulation, diarrhea, venereal disease. Needles used for antiseptic wash, and burned for air purification.

Alpine Juniper starts growing at around 8000 feet in mountains all over the world and grows not more than 10 feet tall. Living in the shadows of towering Aspen & Conifers, Alpine Juniper spends much of life under snow. The ripe blueberries (cones) are delicious. This oil ebbs and flows as it can only be distilled from Spring through early Winter.

None of this information is meant to treat any disease.
Therapeutic plants are simply intended to support systems of health.

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