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Subscription Membership Choices

3-month: $80 Buy
$27 per bottle over 3 months = 10% savings
6-month: $155 Buy
$25.50 per bottle over 6 months= %15 savings
12-month: $288 Buy
$24 per bottle over 12 months = 20% savings

(currently only shipping to US)

Each plan includes 5mls of essential oil per month, site wide membership savings.

NOTE: When you join any of the CSA plans you are agreeing to a recurring subscription that automatically rebills every 3, 6, or 12 months based on your plan. You must notify us before the next billing to cancel the subscription.

Distiller Direct Pricing:

Dram 3.75mL 1/8oz $25
5mL 1/6oz $30
15mL ½oz $79
30mL 1oz $120
60mL 2oz $220
120mL 4oz $340
240mL 8oz $595
480mL 16oz $895
600mL 20oz $995

Large volume inquiries, custom formulating, distillation consultations available: info@housefaromatics.com

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Essential oils are SUPER CONCENTRATED!!! and can contain up to 50k chemical compounds, which only a very small percentage can actually be isolated out and researched…. READ MORE