Habitat: Higher elevations across Western North America

White Fir

Abies concolor


Aromatic: invigorating, cool,  green, sweet, balsamic, with a mild pine needle-like undertone – the scent of greens brought indoors during winter holy days; has an orange (citrus-like) note that becomes more predominant in the drydown. Great tenacity. A top note in natural / botanical perfumery; finds use in ‘forest’ bases, wood bases, aromatic fougère perfumes, colognes, etc.

Energetic: being reminded of trees’ resiliency, their pleasant, uplifting, invigorating scent bolsters courage and imparts a sense of joy and wellbeing, with time realizing self-forgiveness and a sense of self-worth; why would we not hug trees in soulful appreciation and gratitude?

Traditional: Needle tea used for antiseptic wash. Steam Inhalation for colds and coughs, boils and pustules.


External Use Only!

House of Aromatic’s Essential Oils are created by feeding steam through a “charge” of enclosed organic matter. The aromatic vapor flash cools, condensing to liquid form which contains the pure plant chemistry known as essential oil. All distillate material is hand processed to assure the most stable chemistry along with the vibrational frequencies of the plants themselves.

Our Essential Oils contain No Carrier Oils, No Alcohol, and guaranteed NO Synthetics