White Fir

Abies concolor



Aromatic: invigorating, cool,  green, sweet, balsamic, with a mild pine needle-like undertone – the scent of greens brought indoors during winter holy days; has an orange (citrus-like) note that becomes more predominant in the drydown. Great tenacity. A top note in natural / botanical perfumery; finds use in ‘forest’ bases, wood bases, aromatic fougère perfumes, colognes, etc.

Energetic: being reminded of trees’ resiliency, their pleasant, uplifting, invigorating scent bolsters courage and imparts a sense of joy and wellbeing, with time realizing self-forgiveness and a sense of self-worth; why would we not hug trees in soulful appreciation and gratitude?

Traditional: Needle tea used for antiseptic wash. Steam Inhalation for colds and coughs, boils and pustules.

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