Future Amber

Pinus edulis


Pinion Pine Essential Oil infused with aged and weathered Pinion Resin

Aromatic: intense, deep, wood notes, somewhat sweet, resinous; diffusive, warm, cypress-like mid tones – becomes drier, more pine wood-like in the drydown. Extremely tenacious. A base note in natural / botanical perfumery; finds use in amber, chypre and wood bases.

Energetic: instinctual knowing; becoming deeply rooted in and re-membered into the trees’ ancient wisdom and the greater community that is Mother Earth’s dream.

Some AMBLING: Tree resins have been and are used cross culturally for many purposes from creating healing salves and balms to literally sealing wooden ships. Not to mention the incense burners billowing in temples across the world. 

Essential oils that include resins are known to be highly antiviral. They help with deep seated stuck emotions, making them helpful when exploring truths that need to be expressed from within.  They help access what is old, and inside.

In my quest to discover a Southwest American equivalent to Frankincense or Copal, I had become curious about the tree resins I’d seen when collecting various plant material, and the first time I came across a large amount gave me an ah-hah moment.  One day I came across a fallen Pinion Pine with a noticeable line of glittered resin.  Putting a granule of the substance on my tongue, I realized I was tasting very old resin. The taste distinctly reminded me of the incense sensors billowing smoke of Frankincense and Myrrh from far away days of my youth in the Catholic church. A very deep memory.  

I utilized the resin in a nontraditional way by infusing the resin into the essential oil of its living tree. This is the birth of “Future Amber” essential oil.  Essential oil in itself is a solvent.  

Based on traditional uses of Pine resins being used to draw infections, I think this essential oil infusion would lend itself to these types of applications - physically or energetically. I like to also think of it as a facilitator to journey the days gone by or days to come. Not to mention simply smelling good.

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