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Present Amber: It’s a Wonderful Life!

I moved to Utah three years ago with a hopeful vision of partnership.  Such a profound intention shared by two people can bring deep healing of old patterns if we are willing to walk the path.  Eric and I are living separately for this, our fourth year, allowing spaciousness to further our individual healing processes.  In the bedrock of my heart this feels right, but at times it is hard, confusing, frustrating, and just plain uncertain. I have found myself doubting the choices I have made along my path and wondering if indeed I do have something of value to offer to my community, my village.  

Friday after Thanksgiving, while visiting Eric in Boulder Town, we had a movie day.  In It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey keeps missing out on his dreams of travel and adventure, but gets supernatural help to realize how important and blessed his ordinary life really is.  Then in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has a similarly out-of-this-world experience to show her how much her home and family mean to her.  We both cried a lot that day… And I am heartened by these modern myths of the hero’s journey.  

When we bring groups of students together to lie down at the feet of the trees, our heart-sharing seems to always have a theme.   There was just one time when Eric said he didn’t think we had a theme, but later I was gifted this song incorporating pieces from our sharing that day, which I call Messages from Bristlecone Pine

Close your eyes.
What’s your hurry?
Sit yourself down here in the shade. 
Take off your shoes.
Come a little bit closer.
Sit very still, lift up your face. 
If you climb up in my branches, you will be held like a child. 
We’re not so very different, you and I. 

There was a footpath 
Long before the road, 
So many people have come and gone. 
High on this cliff face 
My roots grow strong, 
You have roots too, can you feel where you belong? 
If you climb out to the edges, 
You will know an awesome view. 
Your fear can never get the best of you. 

There’s more to life 
Than meets your eyes, 
But you have other eyes in your soul. 
With each irritation, 
Each bump in the road, 
We grow more lovely, you and I, as we grow old. 
If you look inside my body, you’ll see ring on ring on ring. 
We need never ever forget we are part of everything.  

Open to your life. Open to your life. Open to your life. 
We are alive.  

Thank you. 

Distillation Workshops

We would love to welcome you to take part in our journey!  House of Aromatics is offering a special one-day Christmas tree distillation workshop January 19 and several 2-day essential oil distillation workshops in 2019: June 15-16 and August 24-25 at our place in Boulder Town, Utah, and September 21-22 at Elderberry’s in Paonia, Colorado.  Some words from past participants:  

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“I had such an awesome time at your distilling workshop last month, and couldn’t stop talking about it to others.  My roommate was excited hearing about it, and we now want to invest in a small still to experiment with and distill botanicals around us.  You shared so much knowledge and wisdom, and it was clear to see the passion behind your craft. It’s been great to start each day smelling the fir co-distillation, and thinking back to seeing the whole process unfold.”  – J. W.



“We all had such a wonderful time- for some it was transformational, for all it was moving and inspirational! You are an amazing teacher, peaceful warrior and guide. I am so grateful to be even a small part of your journey!  With love,”  L.C. 

“The positive intentions and spiritual practice that goes into your oil making process is unique and so beautiful. The elevated energy that vibrates within each essential oil you craft by hand sets it apart from all other EO’s. It was amazing to join in on the process of gathering, preparing and distilling the pinion pines, juniper and mountain sage. The ceremonies and giving back to the plants and earth were also very moving.”   L.G. 

Explore the possibilities! 


Disclaimer! None of the statements would be or are approved by the FDA. Not meant to diagnose or treat anything! Educate yourself by studying ethno-botany, seek out herbalists, plant a garden, learn about wild plants. Do not use internally. Keep away from heat and direct light. Keep safe from young ones. Use with Wisdom & Intention.

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