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Conifers for Winter Wellness PLUS++++!!!!

March 5, 2014 | Blog

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 The wonder and beauty of Conifer Trees. You’ll find some one of their very, very large family most places trees grow, yes, even the tropics. The phytochemistry*  of Conifers is known for their many therapeutic benefits. Applying 1-3 drops neat under the ears as a perfume on a daily basis during virus season may facilitate immune enhancement. Should a virus or cold take hold, increasing the application to 2-3 times a day, once under the ears, next on the chest, next on the bottoms of feet can help relieve symptoms and reduce the duration of the affliction. Use in the same way during allergy season. Use common sense.  Diffuse into your home via one of the many diffuser products out there on the market (look for one MADE IN THE USA! spend a little more money and help to OCCUPY ECONOMY! Politics boils down to personal buying choices, doesn’t it?) 

Besides being helpful for colds, flu’s and allergies, thereare chemical compounds in Conifers that may help with muscle trauma or over work. Relief and healing for arthritic and rheumatic conditions is another of the indications for these broad ranging trees. Second rule of herbalism? The medicine you need is always at an arms reach. Well, the first rule of herbalism is FOOD IS YOUR MEDICINE! Pay attention to what you are putting in your precious elemental vessel and how those inputs make you feel! 

Conifers  are high in chemical compounds known as “monoterpines” (as is Citrus – can you smell the connection?), which have been known to be anti-cancerous . And in the end, they just plain smell good. Open that bottle up, and time from your childhood may come to you. May 9 2014 – first to send an e-mail “Mountain Trinity” in subject line  to with their mailing address will receive a dram of Mountain Trinity essential oil.  You may feel a sense of calm and peace as though you were in the forest. Indeed, through the electro-magnetics of the trees atomic structure, the forest that the trees were gathered from for distillation, actually comes to you. Relax and enjoy your self. Life moves fast. Smell good.

Mt Trinity 002
ntain Trinity co-distillation of Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce and Douglas Fir bring three different Conifer species that exist symbiotically in many regions of our Mother Earth. Distilling them together enhances each others phytochemistry, creating alchemical bonds that blends cannot touch. This is what is know as “Community Immunity.”

*Phytochemistry – the wide variety of chemical compounds made by plants.

Conifers Climate Allies. Check out this article:

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