2021 Distillation Workshops, 1 day, $165


9am-6pm, includes 5mL of essential oil and hydrosol we make together

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$165, 9am-6pm, includes 5mL of essential oil and hydrosol we make together* 

Discount for couples, families signing up together, and students of aromatherapy or any similar educational pursuits (use code workshop10).  

Soon after an email will come with details like exact location and what to bring. Also about other times and ways to be at the location - like an open house the night before and places to stay and camp near by. 

*Hydrosol is easily produced and yields abundantly. A multi -purpose product created with steam, plant material and cold water, plan on taking some with you. And know you will be inspired to make your own.

Chose from these dates:

  • May 8, Red Acres Farm, Cedar City, Utah
  • June 12, House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah
  • June 13, House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah
  • July 17, Sweet grass Cafe, Bicknell, Utah
  • July 18, Sweet grass Cafe, Bicknell, Utah
  • August 28, House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah
  • August 29, House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah 

Additional information

Dates for 2021 workshops

August 28th, Boulder, August 29th, Boulder, July 17th, Bicknell, July 18th, Bicknell, June 12th, Boulder, June 13th, Boulder, May 8th, Cedar City