Distillers of Essential Oils


                                                  “For Body  Mind  Spirit”

House of Aromatics specializes in distilling small batches of artisan essential oil from wildcrafted plants. Our  operation is located in the inter-mountain region of Southern Utah. We work closely with the U.S. Forest Service doing fuel reduction for fire mitigation (thinning out over grown Coniferous trees).  Our Mission is to: “Provide the highest quality essential oil to the aromatherapy market.  Supporting an active and live culture of self sustainability within ourselves and our world is the foundation of our work.” 

All distillate material is hand processed to assure the most stable chemistry along with the vibrational frequencies of the plants themselves.

Available for custom or on-site distillation. Discovering co-distillations of the plants and trees growing together opens exploration of unique chemical compounds and aromatics.

We encourage you to support the domestic and regional economy wherever you may be. 

NOTICE:   All essential oils are shipped by ground via hazmat class (our essential oils are potentially combustible – as are many other essential oils) and should arrive within 5 to 10 business days.  

Residents of countries other than the United States, please contact us to order, due to extra shipping charges.  

Veterans of all nations receive 10% off all purchases, in gratitude for serving your fellow countrymen. Please enter code VETERAN. 

Many photos on this website courtesy of Lisa Kolk.  

“We are LIVE”