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Winter Count Primitive Skills Camp February 15 – 20

February 8, 2015 |

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Winter Count 2014
Winter Count 2014
This is an amazing gathering of artists based in the beauty of practical, primitive technology. Lead there by Son Raphael some 8 years ago, I have found a part of society and culture I can fully appreciate and embrace. Making cordage from plants, tools from stones, clothing from hides, atlatl’s, bows and arrows, black smithing, plant medicine, fiber arts, musical instruments, baskets, foot wear, jewelry and what else? Primitive technology is the base of all modern  culture and society. The same mind that innovated the arrow head is the same mind that has created the internet and space exploration. The first time I twisted a piece of cordage, started a fire with a bow drill and made a crude knife brought me an experience that connected neural pathways that only these activities can do. I highly recommend this gathering or it’s sister event Rabbit Stick in Rexburg Idaho in September. Check out the Back Tracks website  for more info.

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