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One-Day Distillation Workshop

January 3, 2016 |

Event Details

Join Us at Sustainable Settings for a One-day workshop with two date options:
Saturday, January 16th or Saturday January 23rd
10:00 am-4:00 pm either day
$120 per student (price includes 5 ml. of essential oil and a quart of hydrosol)

You will take part in the distillation process from start to finish, transforming Christmas trees into multi-purpose essential oil and hydrosol and learn their practical applications. We will experience the elemental magic of plant, water, fire, and human to co-create the “Genie in the Bottle”. Make the connection from alchemy to chemistry, botanicals to pharmaceuticals, synthetics to naturals.
*House of Aromatics full Essential oil line will be for sale as well as hydrosols and value-added products.
Bring: Potluck lunch dish, cold weather clothes and shoes (this is a hands on outside workshop!)

To register call 970-963-6107 or email or show up on the day ready to go!

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