Important Information


Essential oils are SUPER CONCENTRATED!!! and can contain up to 50k chemical compounds, which only a very small percentage can actually be isolated out and researched.

Aromatherapy associations encourage essential oil dilution for external application or diffusion via humidifier etc. Internal use of essential oils is strongly discouraged.

Essential oils are SUPER CONCENTRATED!! Because of the chemical complexity, essential oils can be considered as “botanical pharmaceuticals.”

Consider a quart of tea (say mint leaves) is made with a ¼ cup leaf matter compared to one drop ofessential oil equaling one half gallon (+) of plant material. Imagine steeping ½ gallon of mint leaves and
then drinking it – that is what taking one drop of mint oil can be compared to.

Chemical compounds can be separated out from botanical or petroleum distillates by “fractionating” = redistilling the first separation to create a second separation – this can be done many times over in the chemistry lab. Fractionating unfolds the chemical formulas and isolates chemical compounds that can then be used to engineer/re-combine for example; orange flavor, frankincense aromatic, vanilla flavor (either from naturally occurring compounds = “natural flavor/fragrance” or petroleum based = “artificial flavor/fragrance”.) Both petroleum and botanical distillate fractions can be found throughout the food, wellness/cosmetic and drug industries.

It is valuable to know where your aromatherapy company sources their essential oils as currently there are no regulations in the U.S. stating what can be called “therapeutic grade” essential oil.

Getting to know distillers personally is also a great way to feel safe when engaging with something as potent as essential oils.

Many chemical compounds found in pharmaceutical drugs are modeled after compounds isolated from botanical distillates (essential oils).

Conifer essential oils (as well as many others) can help give one a sense of respiratory support, mental clarity, calmness, focus. Conifer essential oils can also give one the idea that their essential oils can bring relief to inflammation.

Essential oils in general can give one the sense of emotional, mental and spiritual support.

No information on this site is meant to treat or diagnose anything disease related.