Distiller Direct

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Distiller Direct

Purchasing from House of Aromatics means you are buying directly from the distiller. Guaranteed: synthetic free & undiluted. Hand poured. Free shipping. Super potent.

We believe in making our products available in a way that encourages you to invest in wellness for yourself, family, and business. Having a few ounces of essential oil and hydrosol on hand allows the freedom and creativity to make your own products – from first aid, to beauty, to cleaning. This way you KNOW!! the source of your  ingredients! 

Large volume inquiries welcome! Wholesale Bulk purchasing, Custom Formulating, and Distillation Consultations are available! Please inquire with Eric Scott: info@housefaromatics.com

Eric Scott can help small wellness businesses with custom wholesale orders, creative perfumers with special formulations, and budding distillers with consultations. Email info@houseofaromatics.com 

If you would like to buy a larger quantity of an oil than what is listed, please inquire. info@houseofaromatics.com  

Shipping Policy:  Orders are shipped out 2x weekly. Retail orders include free shipping. Wholesale orders may have shipping added. Payment forms accepted are: credit card through web site, venmo, paypal, check with arrangements.  PREFERRED payments quality food,  CASH! Computer, Sure sm58 microphone(s), moccasins, pretty rocks, guitars, pickup truck.


Oils are available in up to the volume listed below:

*Larger volumes available May-December. Pre-orders taken by email.

Alpine Juniper* 5 ml
Balsam Fir 20 oz
Chapparral* 1 oz
Common Ornamental Juniper 20 oz
Douglas Fir Christmas Tree 20 oz
Douglas Fir* 5 ml
Engelmann Spruce 15 ml
Ether & Earth Pinion out of stock
Ether & Earth Ponderosa 5 ml
Future Amber 8 oz
Gives 20 oz
Great Western Sage* 5 ml
Grindelia 1 oz
Holidays Return 2020 20 oz
Jupiter* 4 oz
Mountain Clears 16 oz
Mountain Trinity* 4 oz
Natures Voice* 4 oz
Organic Lavender 5 ml
Pinon Pine 8 oz
Ponderosa Pine Cone 8 oz
Ponderosa Pine* 4 oz
Rabbit Brush* 4 oz
Resinance 5 ml
Rocky Mountain Juniper 20 oz
Shadow Lighter 1 oz
Snake Weed out of stock till August
Soul Smudge* 4 oz
Subalpine Fir 20 oz
To Golden Light 5 ml
Trinity 20 oz
Utah Juniper 20 oz
White Fir 20 oz

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