Here at House of Aromatics we are capable of offering custom distillation, perhaps a custom blend or creating guest favors for a special event.

Aromatic Favors for holidays, weddings, birthdays, funerals, rites of passage. One of a kind custom distillation and personalized label – you can send a graphic or we can design one for you for a fee. I can offer oil or hydrosol  suggestions or you can choose from any of the current distillation offerings.

 Aromatics become embedded in memory.

 dram $35,  5 ml $45 –       

2 oz hydrosol spritz $15, 4 oz hydrosol spritz

Custom Distillation

Have portable still, will travel. I can come to your place to custom distill or you can bring material here. Give a call 435-335-7399 or e-mail  to discuss exchange.

Consultation via phone/video. Give a call 435-335-7399 or e-mail                           

I’m happy to share my 10 + years experience.

Distiller Direct Pricing:

Dram 3.75mL 1/8oz $25
5mL 1/6oz $30
15mL ½oz $79
30mL 1oz $120
60mL 2oz $220
120mL 4oz $340
240mL 8oz $595
480mL 16oz $895
600mL 20oz $995

Large volume inquiries, custom formulating, distillation consultations available:

Veterans of All Nations  Discount 10% code VeteransHealth including club memberships


Essential oils are SUPER CONCENTRATED!!! and can contain up to 50k chemical compounds, which only a very small percentage can actually be isolated out and researched…. READ MORE