2020 Distillation Workshops CANCELED

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House of Aromatics is excited to offer two 2-day distillation workshops in 2020! 

From the forest to the bottle, you will gain a new appreciation for the power of essential oil and hydrosol.   Tuition includes lunch, 5 mls essential oil and 2 oz. hydrosol of each day’s distillation.

June 15-16 at House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah

August 22-23 at House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah

 October 10-11 at House of Aromatics in Boulder, Utah special workshop for NAHA conference members $275

Tuition $300 REGISTER NOW!

20 participants max

Directions will come in your welcome letter after registration is complete.

Participants will meet Friday evening (June 14 or August 23) at 6 PM for a casual meet & greet.  The evening will wrap up at 7:30 so everyone can get to their accommodations for an early to-bed.

Saturday and Sunday we will meet at 9:00 AM, and our days will finish around 6:00 PM. We will share a journey into the art, science and magic of essential oil distillation.  Lunches included.


What we’ll do:

  • Gather Conifer tree branches in the forest and prepare them for distillation
  • Distill the prepared Conifer material: Saturday we will distill a single species; Sunday we will create a “Co-distillation” of multiple species
  • Learn distiller’s terms like retort, charge, decanter, fraction, etc.
  • “Decant” essential oil
  • Learn about indications and applications of Conifer essential oils
  • Take part in a “guided inner journey” to facilitate intuitive aspects of learning from Trees and Plants
  • Journal
  • Share and dialog!
  • Take home essential oil and hydrosol of each distillation!

What to bring:

    • Clothes (jeans and long sleeve shirt) for outdoor “chores” as we will go to the forest to gather tree boughs that we will prepare to be distilled. Something you don’t mind getting resin stains on.
    • Warm layers: jacket or sweatshirt and windbreaker, rain poncho
    • Leather work gloves.
    • Comfortable shoes for light work – a sturdy pair of tennis shoes would be fine.
    • Sun hat – sun screen if you wish
    • Lip balm if you wish
    • Water bottle (1 quart or more!)
    • Snacks for yourself
    • Notebook and pen for journaling and note taking
    • An open heart and inquisitive mind
    • Musical instrument, if you wish



Our dog Hank Blu Bear will be with us at all times. When people arrive at our home, no matter how well he knows them, he gives the “treatment”: lots of barking, growling, a little hackled, and tail wagging the whole time. After a minute or so he’ll be your buddy!


More details for Distillation Workshops in Boulder, UT 

Major airports are Las Vegas (5 ½ hour drive) and Salt Lake City (4 ½ hours). Grand Junction Colorado has a smaller one (4 hour drive).  Flights into Las Vegas tend to be cheaper.

Places to stay:

Food and Gas:

House of Aromatics is in the middle of incredible scenic wonder. We are three hours from Zion National Park, two hours from Bryce Canyon National Park, one hour from Capitol Reef National Park and surrounded by the Grand Staircase National Monument. Make the workshop a part of a family vacation!

Some nice words from folks who have attended previous workshops:

“Thank you again for the weekend.  Your passion and commitment to the forest, the
plants, the oils and helping all beings to heal is clear and inspiring!” – R.

“I certainly did not expect what I experienced. I was amazed at how one man could make so much happen! Your distillation process is a delight. I appreciate the concept of thanking the plants when you harvest them. The gloves and the branch representing the man’s hands coming together with the plants as a cooperative effort… I certainly see and feel the difference in these oils and hydrosols. I’ve almost used up all of my rabbit brush, I love it so much. I took away the value of the process leading up to the oils, and I will be sure to investigate all sources of essential oil I intend on working with.” – T.

“Thank you deeply for the hospitality in sharing your home and educating us in the process of essential oil making. Watching the entire process from collecting the plant to setting up the distiller to enjoying the final outcome was… really cool!! Learning from you was definitely an inspiration, and it got me thinking about implementing a still on our property in a few years.” – C.

We learned about the process of making essential oils from scratch, which is useful information to be sure, but the most powerful things I brought home with me were not specific facts and procedures. They were the experiences I received from within myself, from my classmates, from the animals, from Eric, and from the trees themselves.” – W. S.

I want to thank you for your guidance into my journey with the Ponderosa while I was at the House of Aromatics…. I had an amazing experience while I was there and learned so much about essential oils. You are a graceful and skilled guide. I am grateful for my experiences while I was there. Thank you for holding space and helping to forge memories I will always treasure.”  – T.

Thank you again for all you are doing to take part in healing the earth and healing the people in it. I learned so much about essential oil that I did not know before and now I feel so much more responsible. I assumed I would never truly understand the process of extracting properties from plant material through steam… but the way it was broken down into parts was absolutely refreshing and I can honestly say I understand the process. Thank you! What a great feeling.” – P. G.  


Click Here To Register, for questions call 435 335-7399 or email info@houseofaromatics.com w/subject EO Workshop.

Cancellation Policy: $50 non-refundable, otherwise fully refundable if cancelling 2 weeks or more from start date, 1/2 refundable at least 48 hours out.