Volume Pricing

Please email us with special order inquires if what you are looking for is not offered on the website store.  

1 oz $140

2 oz $240

4 oz $400

8 oz $700

16 oz $1150

20 oz $1225

For shipping regulations, aluminium containers are used for 4 ounces and over. We suggest storing your essential oils in glass once the oil is received, and we can supply you with those.  

Email info@houseofaromatics.com with questions.

Oils that are often always available for volume quantity: 


Pricing on all oil products:

Dram 3.75mL 1/8oz $27
5mL 1/6oz $32
15mL ½oz $85
30mL 1oz $140
60mL 2oz $240
120mL 4oz $400
240mL 8oz $700
480mL 16oz $1150
600mL 20oz $1225



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