Volume Pricing 

Take advantage of volume pricing discounts.

1 oz $133

2 oz $230

4 oz $430

8 oz $795

16 oz $995

Not all oils are stocked so there can be a short waiting period. Inquire for larger volume pricing.

For shipping regulations, aluminum containers are used for 4 ounces and over. We suggest storing your essential oils in glass once the oil is received. We also provide glass bottles.

Available Oils

  • Utah Juniper
  • Rocky Mountain Juniper Alpine Juniper
  • Ornamental Juniper
  • Sub-Alpine Fir
  • White Fir
  • Rabbit Brush
  • Trinity  co-distill Pinion Pine/Utah Juniper/Great Western Sage
  • Mountain Clears  co-distill White Fir/Engelmann Spruce
  • Holidays Return co-distill Fraser/Noble/Grand Fir
  • We co-distill Pinion Pine/Utah Juniper
  • Owl Speak co-distill Great Western Sage/Utah Juniper

How to Purchase

Purchase Volume pricing below. Write in the note section what oil you would like to order.

Please email info@houseofaromatics.com with any questions.