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Gregg N.

April 23, 2014 |

I have been using Pinion, and Sage essential oil, made by Eric Scott for years now as a human scent block for Bow hunting Elk. I must admit it really works. As most Bow hunters who hunt elk know, elk have a keen sense of smell. Once an Elk catches the scent of Humans they vacate the scene immediately. I have had many encounters where Elk have been up to 8 feet away with the wind in their face, stare me down attempting to detect my human odor but they are confused because of the pinion, or sage essential oil cover scent. The essential oils are so pure it smells as though fresh branches have been broke and crushed to release the fresh natural fragrance. As a hunter I am extremely impressed with this product, and highly recommend it for hunting to cover the human scent. Not to mention I am the best smelling person in camp!

Gregg N.Apr 23, 2014
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