Women’s Retreat: Transformation


$50 to claim your space in this juicy women’s retreat March 4 – 7, 2019 in Boulder, Utah!



Dear Sisters*,   I invite you to take part in a deep heart’s journey at this upcoming women’s* retreat:   TRANSFORMATION: Death and Rebirth March 4 – 7, 2019 Pilgrimage North, Winter season, Water element Monday evening to Thursday afternoon at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch in Boulder, Utah.   Opening Celebration: Sowing the Seed, a wake for lives we leave behind. Each woman writes her own Eulogy before the celebration. Friends and family are invited for the opening celebration Monday evening.   This is one of a 5-part series, where each retreat has a corresponding season, element, direction, emotion, voice, time of life…  There are many varying systems for aligning these qualities; I am working with the way that I have studied (a form of Chinese medicine) as an organizing principle, because I am most familiar with it and it works.   The “pilgrimage” is in both inner and outer landscapes.  The outer movement over the land in a certain direction is both metaphorically and physically evocative.  We move with an intention to practice relationship with self and other, with the land and nature, with the Divine/Creator in all, including ourselves.   The vision is for an immersion experience: for the group to sleep and dream together/nearby as much as possible.  Lodging will be at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch.   Contact Amber to register or for more information.Community offering price: $75 to $200 sliding scale includes lodging when you register by February 28. Food will be partial potluck, partial pack your own.   Register now with $50 to claim your space! 5 more spaces available. Thanks!   Amber X. Van Cleave axanthy@gmail.com 541 232-4379   www.themoonhutproject.org