Holidays Return 2015


Uplifting, calming, easing of loneliness, anxiety.

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Product Description

Recycled Christmas Trees!

Species Distilled: Douglas-fir, Subalpine Fir

Latin Names: Pseudotsuga menziesii  w/some Abies lasiocaroa

Traditional Uses:
Sore or Traumatized Muscles.

Energetics: Uplifting, loneliness, calming, easing of anxiety.


An agent from the Dixie National Forest Service called back in December “I heard you recycle Christmas Trees – we would like to support and promote that effort.” They created a flier for our neighboring town of Escalante and submitted an article to the local county news paper. As result, a nice heap of trees was gathered, many times more than the handful our little town of Boulder generated.


These trees came directly from the forest in the traditions of families going together to find the “right” tree to bring home for the annual family celebration of giving. Resonating with all the Winter holiday brings, this essential oil returns with all of the holiday’s essence and more.


We suggest dilution in a carrier oil of your choice, such as House of Aromatics organic cold-pressed Jojoba oil. Add 8-12 drops essential oil to 1 one ounce carrier oil. Can be applied directly to skin periodically for severe instances, 1-3 drops to afflicted area. Can be used tonically as perfume. Do not over do! Diffuse via steam or gentle heat, generally NOT all the time around children. Consult your midwife if pregnant or for infants before using any essential oil diluted or diffused. Handle carefully with children, elders and pets. Use with Wisdom & Intention.

External Use Only!


House of Aromatic’s Essential Oils are created by feeding steam through a “charge” of enclosed organic matter. The aromatic vapor flash cools, condensing to liquid form which contains the pure plant chemistry known as essential oil. All distillate material is hand processed to assure the most stable chemistry along with the vibrational frequencies of the plants themselves.

Our Essential Oils contain No Carrier Oils, No Alcohol, and guaranteed NO Synthetics