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Present Amber: Shadow Lighter

From my “column” in the September 2016 Newsletter: Present Amber
The smell hits you as you’re coming up Hell’s Backbone Road: unmistakable.  It differs depending on which plants happen to be in the still, but it’s definitely House of Aromatics.  Time and again visitors get out of their cars or take off their motorcycle helmets, and the first thing they say is, “Wow, it smells so good here!”  Yes, it does.  It’s as if we took the forest and cranked it up a few notches.  It also feels good here, I have heard, and I’ve felt it myself.  It’s a more ethereal, less substantial sense than scent, but we all somehow intangibly know something special is happening here.
Eric had the still set up in the kitchen when he first started distilling, and he used to get up throughout the night to make sure everything was going ok.  He used to sit mesmerized, watching the steam condense and trickle down, letting his mind play and the Plant Spirits nudge him toward knowledge of chemistry, alchemy, communion… Intuition leads us.  Now the still sits in a little shed off the back of the house, and yet, “We journey with whatever’s in the still,” I’ve heard myself say.  It’s a way of learning from the plants that permeates our life.  The more we pay attention, the more consciously we see it, but it’s always with us. The wonder is ever-renewed through the eyes of visitors, and we get to see from different angles.  Two friends from Tokyo came to learn with us last fall.  By the magic of ‘doing what’s right in front of us,’ the first plant we worked with was Rabbitbrush (charmingly referred to by our guests as “Rabbit-oh!-Brush”).  We anointed the plant and ourselves with its oil and sat down for a Plant Journey.  When we shared our experience, we were amazed at the themes that emerged, among them: white or golden light coming in at our crowns, interconnectedness, the ability to transform toxic matter into medicine, warm, soft and comforting feelings.  What a beautiful way to begin! We recently renamed this oil “Golden Hare.”
We wanted our Japanese guests to experience a co-distillation process, too.  As Life would have it, the plant who was ready to join in was Sage (Artemisia tridentata).  Sage and Rabbitbrush grow intimately entwined, at the same tall-shrub height, with beautifully contrasting shades of green.  The name of their co-distill oil used to be “Twins.”  When I knew we would be working with Sage again, my breath caught in a little “uh-oh!”  The first time Eric and I put Sage in the still since I moved here, the journey was intense and a bumpy ride for us both.  Sage is traditionally used for clearing, cleansing, and purification on all levels of being; its power includes calling up Shadow aspects in order to clear them.  The oil is so potent, there are stories of people falling over backward from inhaling too deeply!  Where the Rabbitbrush was like a cute, fuzzy bunny, the Sage had been like a stark, unflinching mirror.

Fortunately in the co-distillation these two harmonize to work together, calling up the Shadow, and shining the loving golden Crown Light upon it to help us see ourselves with gentleness and warmth, and then to let go.

Now we call this oil “Shadow Lighter.”   Sweet and musky. ~ Amber

Disclaimer! None of the statements would be or are approved by the FDA. Not meant to diagnose or treat anything! Educate yourself by studying ethno-botany, seek out herbalists, plant a garden, learn about wild plants. Do not use internally. Keep away from heat and direct light. Keep safe from young ones. Use with Wisdom & Intention.

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