We will have a table at the Moab Rock, Gem & Mineral Show.  Pretty rocks and pretty smells!  This annual show is hosted by Moab Points and Pebbles Club, Hours are Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-4; Free Admission; Rock, gem mineral and lapidary arts vendors. Equipment, supplies displays, demos. Spin wheel, Door prizes. Food […]

House of Aromatics will participate in this annual gem & mineral show. We will have some crystals, petrified wood, essential oils and related products for sale, plus stories and smells to share! https://xpopress.com/show/profile/156/annual-moab-points-pebbles-club-show

Come see us at the Moab Rock, Gem & Mineral Show!  There are always lots of pretty rocks and interesting fossils.  And beautiful smells, courtesy of House of Aromatics with high desert and wild mountain essential oils of the American Southwest!