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Customer Comments & Testimonials

Your essential oils are extraordinary — a true labor of love and creative endeavor in combination with the sublime power of nature.

Christopher and Suzanne

Several years ago someone came into my salon and sold me pinion pine-there was and currently still nothing in the world that smells like it- after loosing the contact I went to Rebecca’s shop on spruce in boulder co and after much inquiry of the oil she finally had it. I own a hair salon called Zing in downtown boulder for over 10years and I am currently building a new business in Costa Rica on the Caribbean side. This is such a special oil and I want to create therapies in Costa that showcase North America since it would be unusual.

In peace,


I have been using Pinion, and Sage essential oil, made by Eric Scott for years now as a human scent block for Bow hunting Elk. I must admit it really works. As most Bow hunters who hunt elk know, elk have a keen sense of smell. Once an Elk catches the scent of Humans they vacate the scene immediately. I have had many encounters where Elk have been up to 8 feet away with the wind in their face, stare me down attempting to detect my human odor but they are confused because of the pinion, or sage essential oil cover scent. The essential oils are so pure it smells as though fresh branches have been broke and crushed to release the fresh natural fragrance. As a hunter I am extremely impressed with this product, and highly recommend it for hunting to cover the human scent. Not to mention I am the best smelling person in camp!

Gregg N.Apr 23, 2014

I have been admiring your work from afar over the last few months…we are doing such similar things in our respective parts of the country! I LOVE the desert and have derived a lot of joy from your photos and creative co-distillations. And we all appreciate the pics. Looking forward to hearing more about your work.


Dear Eric,

I enjoyed a ponderosa eo this winter shared by K (from Mt. Carmel Junction) who told me about your work. Beautiful! This occurred on the Big Island where I live… and I have been meaning to contact you ever since. Hopefully, like last fall, I will be able to spend time in S. Utah – in May/June… Happy spring!


Hi Eric!

Lya here in SLC, wanted to drop you a note and let you know i think of you often my friend, been playing with the essential oils i got from you this summer and have had a blast, it has opened me up to all kinds of new possibilities, can’t wait for warmer weather and definitely want to come your way and forage with you.

This winter i have been working a lot with pine and yarrow and mullein as well as the elder tree, can’t thank you enough for the oils, wondering, have you ever made essential oil out of sweet grass? been trying to find a good source for it!!

Chi to Your Day!


Hi Eric!!!!

I DID receive the oils – they are AMAZING!  From the write up I thought I would be all over the Rabbit Brush, but the Pine Cone essential oil is absolutely singing to me each day.  You are creating magic and I feel so grateful to have connected with you!

Sending you waves of love and appreciation,



Greetings from colorado springs. Thank you for your gift of oils and essences to the world. We need you. I love your newsletter and the information and love passed on there. This is a time of transition in many ways and it does my heart good to hear of yours. We too lost our sweet dog Charlote on June 2 and are grieving her passing as well as giving thanks for the time we had to share with her. It is a family member passing and the purity and unconditionality of the love given and received from our animal friends is sacred.

A and G

Hey there Eric!

The Ponderosa has really helped me out to stay steady and focused on the road and dealing with the city vibes…it can be tough to stay with the energy of the earth while driving and being bombarded by our strange culture and such. But, you know! I can just imagine that grindelia distilling right now–ahhh….

In gratitude and respect,


Thank-you Eric and all your helper bees for this sampling of Utah!
I am thrilled to have such an assortment of botanical essences from your region.
I appreciate YOU!